Camelpalooza 2024

In Quartzsite, AZ  from January 10-14, 2024 members of the community are hosting “CAMELPALOOZA 2024.”  This 5-day series of events celebrating 2024, “The International Year of the Camel” to honor history of Quartzite.

Highlights of the 5 day events include:

  • Rededication of the Hagely General Store Ruins and Quartzsite’s first schoolhouse
  • A presentation and Q&A session with Alex Debogorski the “Original Ice Road Trucker
  • Special viewing of the documentary film “Hi Jolly, the Legendary Camel Driver” with introduction and Q&A featuring the Producer/Director Matt D. Bremen.
  • Camel education sessions provided by Nance Fite (Mojave Camel Trek) and Jenn Portillo-Lagusker (Reptacular Animals).
  • Appearance by Lieutenant Beale (Eric Souder) and camels
  • Curated Quartzite cemetery tour presented by the period dressed Quartzsite Historical Society
  • Hi Jolly Daze Parade
  • Live music
  • Craft and vendor sale tents
  • Camel rides and photos will be available beginning January 10 thru Jan 21, 2024